S02 AMU 2

The mobility agent’s
best friend: S02 A.M.U.

S02 A.M.U. is an urban scooter specifically designed for municipal services. It’s an efficient, nippy model, perfect for the routine work of parking agents, meter readers, advisers, experts and general municipal services. This electric scooter comes incredibly well-equipped as standard with a range of practical extras available to cover your needs.

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S02 AMU 3

Ready for action

The S02 A.M.U. Is fully equipped for the routine work of urban mobility agents in the city. This model comes with:

  • 40 L rear top case
  • Windscreen and handguards

Institutions and professionals trust Silence

The S02 A.M.U is on the roads all over the country, and has become the perfect ally of mobility agents in cities and communities.

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