Maximum speed 80 km/h
S02 weight without battery 85 kg
Wheels (front and rear) 130/60-13
Brakes (front and rear) Disk
Suspension Hydraulic
Dimensions 1.910 x 710 x 1.260 mm
Wheelbase 1.380 mm
Maximum payload 175 kg
Minimum ground clearance 149 mm
Engine 4500W
Engine type Brushless (HUB)
Features Regenerative braking, engine brake and reverse gear
BMS (Battery Management System) Metering system: it controls cell voltage, amount of battery charges and discharges and temperature management
Lighting LED (current control circuitry)
Cockpit functions Instant speed, status of cargo indicator, Trip 1, Trip 2, time information
Charger Integrated in vehicle – 600W (conexión SCHUKO)
Heater Battery pack with 55W heater (via charger)
Extra features Smartphone holder and 1A lighter charger


4.380 €

2 kWh Battery Power
  • Maximum speed
    45 Km/h
  • Average range
    50 Km urban use
  • 86 Km homologated EURO IV

5.200 €

4 kWh Battery Power
  • Maximum speed
    80 Km/h
  • Average range (45-80 Km/h)
    90-75 Km urban use
  • 164-141 Km homologated EURO IV

5.825 €

6 kWh Battery Power
  • Maximum speed
    80 Km/h
  • Average range (45-80 Km/h)
    125-100 Km urban use
  • 215-185 Km homologated EURO IV

*Recommended RRP Export Market 2017 for the model S02 Delivery and A.M.U according to the power capacity of the battery / Price Model S02 police version on request / Prices do not include VAT or supplements / Delivery subject to availability / Prices subject to modification by change in vehicle price or in manufacturer’s trade policy.