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The electric revolution
is here with S02 Delivery

S02 is an urban scooter for delivery and courier services. This efficient model is perfect for delivering packages, food and drinks or objects and tools. This electric scooter comes incredibly well-equipped as standard with a range of practical extras available to cover your needs.

Forget petrol! Join the green revolution!

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Companies and professionals trust Silence

The 202 Delivery electric scooter is already on the streets all over Europe and has become the ideal choice for couriers, food and take out delivery companies.

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Removable battery: always available for work


The charger cabinet allows you to charge quickly and change the batteries, so you can always have your bike ready to ride.

You can easily remove the battery with the help of the transport trolley and exchange for another while fully charged. A very comfortable option so that your business never stops.

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Equipped for action

The S02 Delivery model is perfectly equipped making city deliveries.

  • 40 L and 200 L rear top case
  • Mounting hook to hold your cargo in the front platform
  • Smartphone dock
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Do you know about Silence fleet services?

Boost the performance and efficiency of your vehicle fleets with our additional services: Fleet tracking and Navigator.

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