S02 Police Version 2

S02 Police Version, a model for law enforcement agents

S02 is an electric scooter, specifically designed for law enforcement agents. This is an efficient, urban model with incredible standard features the official equipment required by police motorcycles.

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S02 Police Version 3

Equipped for action

The S02 Police Version is fully equipped for use by law enforcement agents:

  • Stronger appearance
  • 3 top cases (2 side cases + 1 rear case)
  • Approved equipment
  • Special front fairing
  • Light/sound system
  • Megaphone
  • Wiring
  • Extra battery
  • Siren pole
  • Customized labelling

Official bodies already trust Silence

The SO2 Policial electric scooter is already on the streets nationwide, helping police patrols and agents in cities and communities.

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