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An electric scooter is your best ally in your workplace. However, in Silence we want to help you improve even more your fleet performance and efficiency.

The most advanced tools are featured below. Without a doubt, you are going to exploit all the potential of your bikes with them!


Fleet management refers to the administrative processes around organizing and managing company-owned vehicles with the goal of improving efficiency, lowering costs, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Silence has signed an agreement with Omoove (an Octo Company) to always have the scooter connected. Omoove helps you apply real-time technically advanced analytics to behavioral, contextual and other telematics data, so that you make smarter decisions when managing your fleet. Omoove gives your operators the ability to track vehicles and access diagnostics in real-time through a central console, so you never have to worry about losing visibility into key user and vehicle metrics again.

Its main features are:

Fleet utilization report

Vehicle usage statistics report

Vehicle Trip Analysis report

Fleet utilization week details report

Fleet utilization by shift report

Activity Statistics report

Fleet utilization dashboard

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This useful tool will help your fleets arrive on time and peace of mind to its destination: it offers updated maps, the quickest routes, speed camera locations and precise estimated arrival time. Furthermore, with the fleet tracking system, you can send pickup orders, new route or modify the driver’s destination.

Some of its technical specifications:

Connection via Bluetooth

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