Sharing 1

The S02 electric scooter with removable battery, connected and adapted for SHARING

> Wiring and electronics are adapted for the sharing telematics device (it does not a ect the range of the scooter)

> Removable and interchangeable Power Battery Pack up to 6 Kwh

> L1e (moped) or L3e (equivalent to 125cc)

> Rear box with automatic opening via APP
and capacity for two helmets. It includes fixing system for each helmet and anti-theft mechanism under petition.

> Double seat

> 215 Km EURO IV homologated range

> IEPS. Intelligent Engine Protection System

> Regenerative brake

> 0 emissions

> € 0 = motor maintenance and transmission. Reduction up to 30% maintenance costs

> € 1 = 150km. “Deposit” for 80% less

Sharing 2

Configurable and adaptable for each client

The scooter is available with:

Technology by omoove.png

With the Control and Communication Unit developed by Omoove and integrated by Silence. The sharing company is able to contract:

Data via API’s

Full sharing service: with Front-End (End user APP) y
Back-End (fleet management platform).

own technology

Scooter adapted for an external Control and Communication Unit provided by the client and integrated in Silence factory.


Scooter always available: time and service optimization


Silence has developed two fast charging systems that allow the fleet to operate 24/7.

The sharing company can purchase se- veral individual charging boxes or a charging station with several modules, to charge more than one battery at the same time.

Sharing 3

Charging Box


Power Battery Pack Trolley

The model S02 with removable battery allows the operations team to extract the Power Bat- tery Pack (PBP) with the bat- tery pack trolley help. A quick and easy way to exchange the PBP in any location, without the necessity to take the scooters to the base to load them.

The superior range of the SILENCE PBP against the most common sharing competitors allows the operator to save up to 50% of operating costs.

Scootersharing clients







Scootersharing Mobility,
200 units, Zúrich







Scootersharing Scoot,
500 units, Barcelona


Sharing 4

Technology by omoove.png

Omoove by Octo Telematics is Europe’s leading provider of connectivity for mobility operators.


The sharing APP can be customized to the image and text of the company, it is self-installable and has an intuitive interface for end users. It includes:

> User registration
> User profile functions
> User management
> Reserve (free floating)

> Automatic opening of the rear box to take the helmets
> Turn on the scooter
> Travel functions
> Block the scooter
> Standard invoice functions

Sharing 5


Customizable software with web access from any connected device.
No need to download any program.

The platform consists of the following management features:

Geolocation and Live tracking
> Geolocation of the scooter
> Online tracking
> Vehicle usage statistics report > Online tracking

Statistics of the battery, motor and controller
> Temperatures
> SoC: State of charge of the battery

ECO driving & E ciency
Total of CO2 saved and fuel e ciency score (estimated)
Historical data tracking and an accurate view of the variables with graphical charts

Fleet monitoring
> Fleet utilisation report by time slots and type of route
> Vehicle usage statistics report
> Vehicle Trip Analysis report (km)
> Activity Statistics report per week
> Fleet utilization dashboard

Crash reconstruction
Geo – Fencing
> Alerting: simple Entry/Exit of the allowed area
> Blocking rental finalization outside of the allowed area

It includes the M2M GPRS data card and data sending.

Servicios extra Back-End

> Payment
> Driving license validation
> Instant messaging to the client
> Recharge
> Black-list
> Claims management


Each local operator can have access to their local fleet, while the general fleet operator has access to the entire fleet from the headquarters, obtai- ning greater control by zones.

Sharing 6